The transport and transport company M – Expres Sped s.r.o. was founded in 1992 and has extensive experience in the transport market. Thanks to its customers, it has become an important service provider for standard transports, special transports and rental.

The company is one of the stable transport companies on the market, and its main philosophy is the high quality of the services offered. He is a member of the union of forwarders and logistics of SR ČESMAD Slovakia. Truck transport is the main business activity of the company.

In addition to transport, the company provides services from the rental of office, warehouse and parking spaces. It provides vehicle maintenance and repairs in its repair shops.

The company tries to reduce its ecological footprint through comprehensive environmental care. In accordance with current legislation, cars participate in regular emission controls.

The company tries to restore the vehicle fleet within its possibilities, so that it does not operate old vehicles that pollute the environment more and procures vehicles with a higher emission class, which burden the environment to a lesser extent and reduce CO2 emissions. We comply with all legal standards in the field of diesel fuel management.